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Year 2024

[1] Song, Z.Y.,  Lin, C.W., Feng, X.H.and Paul T.W. Lee.*An empirical study of the performance of the sixth generation ports model with smart ports with reference to major container ports in mainland China. Transportation Research Part E, 2024, 184, 103460.

Year 2023

[7] Xu, C.Q., Liu, F.Z., Zhou, Y.Z.*, Dou, R.L., Feng, X.H.and Shen, B., Manufacturers' emission reduction investment strategy under carbon cap-and-trade policy and uncertain low-carbon preferences. Industrial Management & Data Systems, 2023, accepted.

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[1]  Dong, G., Liu, Z., Lee, P.T.-W.*, Chi, X., Ye, J., Port governance in the post COVID-19 pandemic era: Heterogeneous service and collusive incentive. Ocean and Coastal Management, 2023, 232, 106427.

Year 2022

[13] Cheong, I., Yoo, J.H., Hong, E.K., Park, S.K. and Lee, P.T.-W.*Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on global value chain and implications for Belt and Road Initiative. International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics, 2022, 14(4), 371-394.

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[3] Xu, J., Luo, C.L., Ng, C.T., Feng, X.H., and Cheng, T.C.E., Remanufacturing with random yield in the presence of the take-back regulationComputers & Industrial Engineering, 2022, 168, 108097.

[2] Feng, X.HWen, B.L., and Moon, I.K.*, Universal point scheme with a platform and multiple retailers. International Journal of Production Research, accepted.

[1] Lee, T.W., Hu, Z.H., Lee, S.J., Feng, X.H.*, and Notteboom, T., Strategic locations for logistics distribution centers along the Belt and Road: Explorative analysis and research agenda. Transport Policy, 2022, 116, 24-47.

Year 2021

[11]Fei, J., Lin, Y., Jiang, Q., Jiang, K., Li, P., and Ye, G. Spatiotemporal coupling coordination measurement on islands' economy-environment-tourism system. Ocean & Coastal Management, 2021, 212, 105793. 

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[2] Wei, H. and Lee, P.T-W.* Designing a Coordinated Horizontal Alliance System for China’s Inland Ports with China Railway Express Platforms along the Silk Road Economic Belt. Transportation Research Part E. 2021, 147, 102238.

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Year 2020

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Year 2019

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Year 2018

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Year 2017

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