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The world maritime industry and international trade are facing new challenges in association with the Belt and Road Initiative, Artificial Intelligence, big data, and sustainability, which has been influencing global supply chain system. In coping with such development, the Maritime Logistics and Free Trade Island Research Center, which is located in Zhoushan Archipelago in Zhejiang Province, which is well connected to the East Sea, Yangtze River, and global top ranking transportation hub such as Ningbo-Zhoushan Port and Shanghai Port, has been established for educating degree courses in maritime transportation and logistics, international trade. The center conducts business and policy-oriented research for the above areas.  In doing so, we will carry out the following main activities.


Educational and Research activities

-PhD degree

-Master degree

-Support to Bachelor degree programs

-Projects supported by national research funding sources, central and local governments

-Summer/Winter Camp

-Student and staff exchange and dual degree programs



-Organizing Yangtze-River Research Belt and Innovation Conference

-Belt and Road Initiative Conference

-Symposia, Fora and Workshops

-Networking with information hub

-Research collaboration with international organizations such as IMO, UNESCAP, APEC.